[Bug - PBE Nexus Blitz] Black Loading Screen, No Avoidance (Game-Breaking)

**- Nexus Blitz PBE, Dueling event was shown as the first up** - Game does not load at all, and only results in a black screen with no sound, no custom game cursor, and seemingly no end. - Reconnecting did not solve the issue - Issue was experienced across multiple users observing the same effects (I was queued with one other player, who reported the exact same thing occurring, and it is likely everyone involved in the match saw the same.) - First time experiencing this issue, only happened for dueling event on Nexus Blitz. - Attempts to avoid the issue through restarting client and logging back in failed and resulted in auto-reconnects to the same black screen. - (Irrelevant) Nocturne was not present, can probably exclude his ultimate ability as a cause. I understand that this has been reported several times, but I didn't see any using the proper format (which I'm not even sure _I_ did correctly).
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