What is the point on giving priority on queue times to streamer that have not even played the game?

Like what the actual fuck? I usually don´t make this kind of cry baby posts but isn´t this supposed to be so we give feedback? These guys have no idea what they are doing, don´t even know what the characters do, how to build them, etc... Like how is that helping for feedback? YOU NEW MODE DOES NOT NEED MORE MARKETING, IT IS ALREADY HYPED AF, USE YOU BRAIN! We are the ones playing your game, having good honor against all trolls and flamers and this is what we get??? Like are you real RIOT??? I have nothing against streamers ok, I watch a couple of them and do undestand why sometimes they have priority on similar situations, but right now RIOT saying they only want feedback from this and then giving priority to guys that not only have never ever played League, but they also talk trash about the game everytime they can. SO WHAT THE FUCK? I feel a lot better now, sorry fellas, really needed this. Love you all xD {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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