Sweetheart Rakan

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a006210b1e73bfc524f4574ca512711ef0253f713188b54c0ca68c9e1facf726.jpg I mean, this pic was probably posted here a lot already, so I'm sorry to over-do it, but I saw this concept recently. It might be too much to change (although there's 2 whole PBE cycles for these skins), but something like this would singlehandledly save Rakan's skin, as the community obviously doesn't seem to have the most positive thoughts about it. It might not even be updated like this, but atleast, if a Rioter does see this, take in mind the changes going on here. He looks way more royal-prince-ish, and less like a princess, the crown and the more down to earth crown instead of an "antenna"-like heart shaped crown, not only makes it look less ridiculous, but also fixes the whole "too many hearts" issue with it. Also the pants on the update have a more coeherent design instead of random golden lines. The red tones were also changed to make it look less of a cluster, with only shades of pink purple white and gold. As for the people who don't like the skin being pink, that's really down to preference, same thing as Star Guardian skins for some. I hope you do take any of these changes into consideration, we, or atleast I, would be really thankful! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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