Skin rerolling not working properly

Ok, so i had A LOT of skin shards. I had some skin shards for skins I own and didn't own and I decided to reroll skins. So 4 hours later I stumbled upon something. I got to 895 skins ( 4 Ultimate, 21 Mythic, 49 Legendary, 243 Epic and 578 others). At that point rerolling skin shards would start giving me permanent skin shards ( for skins i already had) instead of permanent skins. I don't get why this is occurring as i still have non-limited skins to unlock like Death Sworn Katarina or Soaring Sword Fiora. Any info on why this is happenin would be appreciated! EDIT: I meant to post this in Bugs but i forgot to switch to Bugs and i dont know how to delete a post so that's my bad.

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