PBE Celerity changes feel really bad and I ran some calculations using Zoe as an Example

r/zoemains - Preseason Celerity Calculations PBE vs LIVE on Zoe
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_A thing which really makes me wonder:_ **What is the goal of the changes to the celerity rune? ** Currently on the Live servers, Celerity is used on Champions which have Movement speed increases and or are looking for 5 base MS. In an addition to that, it grants you some AD and AP for 10% of any bonus MS your Champion might get. While it is not a large amount, it allows you to gain a very little extra stats. The overall issue with the Rune on the PBE is that movement soft and hard caps will eventually make the benefits near useless. The removal of the 5 bonus Movement speed does make it literally useless before you purchase Boots in the store the rune is unlike its peers, Transcendence and Absolute Focus completely useless by itself. Only by the time when you finished your Tier 2 Boots you gain enough Movement speed to offset the current nerfs. The only way to even make use of it in the early game would be using the Inspiration Rune "Time Warp Tonic" which increases your Movement speed. And even that almost nothing. It only grants you 2 movement speed itself. >The difference on a 340 MS champion using Celerity or not is: > ** You gain 5% movement speed with Time Warp Tonic:** 357 MS >**You gain 5.5% movement speed with Time Warp Tonic and Celerity:** 359 MS > > 357 MS vs 359 MS. I ran some calculation how a Champion which has a bunch of MS and movement speed accelerations on its kit suffers still more than those with less, especially because of the soft and hard caps: https://www.reddit.com/r/zoemains/comments/9rrzj5/preseason_celerity_calculations_pbe_vs_live_on_zoe/?
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