[TFT] Item Collect system coinflip disadvantage

Hello, enough people have been outspoken on how bad getting exp for you is in the early game, so I will not. But I want to talk about a linked interaction. Because getting exp as drop is so massively bad, people tend to not pick up their early rounds items at all. The Issue comes with this: When you "defend": you stay in on your field with your units , your "little legend" doesnt move When you "attack": you get get dragged around the field into the vortex to spawn on the enemy field why does that matter?: when getting dragged and thrown , your "little legend" does pick up items cant you dodge it?: nope , you can move to the other side of the field before battle and avoid the "drag" picking up item but when returning after battle , you get "thrown" from 1 side of the field to the standard "rock" result: 50% of players are forced to pick up their items which could be EXP 50% of players can enjoy staying level 3 for another round: getting their units 2star'd and gaining lots of options so even if EXP stays in the game as a form of punishment rng, please even out the rng even for those that play around it. atleast I do not like losing games(by which i mean losing a lot of % towards the outcome of the game) to coinflips and this isnt some blue side / red side thing, having less exp for longer is an incredible advantage in this game. and its 50/50 on if you get punished
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