Quick Coin line fix

We all known coins isn't in the best place right now. This is probally not the best place to post this but I was hoping this way it would reach testing the fastest. Coin would be rather easy to fix with this: #1) Give coin the assist rewards back In the Timeworm version of coin. Takedown provided you with gold & mana (basicly both coin effects). This was healthy & rewarding way for enchanters to rewards from their playstyle. And I see no reason to not give this back in the new version. #2) Change the buildpath * {{item:3096}} now builds out {{item:3301}} + {{item:1004}} * Now grant you +5% Healing & Shielding Power. * {{item:3069}} now grants you +10% Healing & Shielding Power. Enchanters love Healing & Shielding Power. More ways to gain this stat is never a bad thing. Enchanters already have access to a lot more sustain options in the masteries. So losing out the health regen isn't as punishing as it used to be. It also will open up their weakness more against poke supports what has proven to be not as effective in some meta's. #3) Bonus: Further improve the assist rewards This is a small change incase coin still isn't strong enouge and that would be buffing assist rewards a bit further by letting assist rewards also heals you besides giving mana & gold. This heal could be something like 6% of your maximum health. This would also open the option again for some more tanky supports to take it and further buff the Catcher class with it.

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