14 days chat ban NICE RIOT

HERE IS WHAT I WROTE, AND IT WAS MY FIRST TIME PLS RIOT GAMES GIVE ME 1 Day IT WAS MINE 1ST TIME CMON RIOT AND HE ALSO CALLED ME NOOB TOO AND BAD WORDS AT ME ONLY THING IS I DONT REPORT PEOPLE CUZ I AM NOT A KID Game 1{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Abdulaziz0526: first u kys now Abdulaziz0526: k Abdulaziz0526: very noob Abdulaziz0526: jg. Abdulaziz0526: u were bot and u see master Abdulaziz0526: but no help[ Abdulaziz0526: rakan just play mario Abdulaziz0526: or minecraft tu Abdulaziz0526: ty* Abdulaziz0526: nice no give shhiled Abdulaziz0526: go i dont need u Abdulaziz0526: noob Abdulaziz0526: ty Abdulaziz0526: go mid Abdulaziz0526: XD Abdulaziz0526: these players Abdulaziz0526: lee very bad Abdulaziz0526: dont come troll Abdulaziz0526: go mid Abdulaziz0526: or top Abdulaziz0526: or help jg Abdulaziz0526: to gank jg Abdulaziz0526: very bad sup Abdulaziz0526: he no give shiled Abdulaziz0526: xD Abdulaziz0526: i troll Abdulaziz0526: cuz this lee said i troll right Abdulaziz0526: so i go troll Abdulaziz0526: PSL reprot Abdulaziz0526: ty Abdulaziz0526: u guys see that kys Abdulaziz0526: REPROT LEE Abdulaziz0526: for troll Abdulaziz0526: XD Abdulaziz0526: OMG Abdulaziz0526: Gg
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