2020 Skins Feedback Changes

Beginning with our 2020 skins, the Skins team will be taking a new approach with how we tackle PBE feedback. (We tried this a bit towards the end of 2019 and found it to be super efficient!) With the influx of players, it’s been difficult to keep up with all of the comments, bugs, and questions and giving a meaningful response to every one of them. Additionally, more feedback means more time to parse and compile it for the dev teams -- especially when we’re going to be making more skins than ever! **What’s Changing?** In order to get feedback in front of the devs sooner, we’re going to change how we interact with the PBE boards posts. We’ll no longer be answering as many questions and comments as possible in each thread, but instead, we’ll be ***reading all comments***, which will allow us to compile feedback much more quickly. That said, we’ll still be responding to comments here and there, we won’t be totally radio silent! **Why?** Getting feedback to the devs sooner means that we, as a team, have more time to discuss suggestions and potentially make changes to upcoming skins. --- Lastly, to better help you help us when it comes feedback, we'll be making another boards post (soon TM!) with some general do's and don'ts guidelines when talking about skins, so keep an eye out for that! As always, thanks for helping us shape skins with your help on PBE! -- Riot KateyKhaos {{champion:267}}
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