In my opinion, if the current iteration of Dark Harvest is the same as live

But worse. You take a rune that is completely fine in life servers and just decide to make it worse for the sake of it. The rune isn't particularly good in life, it doesn't have a huge pick rate and it does have counterplay. I dont believe it needs to change, and _less so_if what we get is the last iteration. The current Dark Harvest has its diversity in playstyles and complementary runepaths, and is able to be taken by both junglers and snowbally laners like Miss Fortune, and what is more important _it enables both a slower, farming path and a gank heavy one_ The current iteration of the rune is just worse in almost every sense of the word. It's base scaling is worse standing at 15%, against live's 20%. It makes picking it practically a suicide for farming junglers or simply junglers that enjoy to path around farming. You rely on a % hp threshold that assassins wont necessarily achieve given the enemy peel and such things, and neither will mages if the enemies are good at peeling, unlike the current one that simply requires you to autoattack the enemy, making it far more reliable outside the "1000 AP oneshot" youtube montages that people will start making if this rune goes live. And of course, now unsucessful ganks will put you far behind non-dark harvest users that dont rely on ganks to simply have a keystone Overall, I believe that if you plan on releasing the rework as it is, it would be better to simply leave it as it is. It is exactly the same but delayed (delayed burst, that doesnt make sense) Every other keystone is far more reliable to deal damage, because until below 50% hp you dont have a keystone. This will oficcially remove Dark Harvest as a keystone rune for junglers. Maybe it could be a rune shaped after the old Stormraider's Surge? Something like "After dealing a x% amount of the target's maximum HP as damage in Y amount of time, you deal [Z base dmg + (w% AP) + (w% bAD)]" And then the souls could either lower the % hp threshold for the rune to proc or make the damage scale? That way you would also make the rune less efficient against tanks and more effcient against squishies Just giving my two cents on the matter, no hard feeling :) A rather concerned jungler
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