One of the rune trees I use the most frequently is resolve. Now, with updates, on the Resolve tree, (R2) 'Unflinching' has been moved to (R4), & 'Bone Plating' has taken it's place. (R4) 'Second Wind' has been moved to (R3) to make room for 'Unflinching'. So, currently it appears as so, (R2) STRENGTH: Demolish / Font of Life / Bone Plating (R3) RESISTANCE: Iron Skin / Mirror Shell / Conditioning / Second Wind (R4) VITALITY: Overgrowth / Revitalise / Unflinching R3 is called "Resistance", & I find that Bone Plating in comparison to Second Wind (two very similar runes, one provides armour the other health), out of these two I find Bone Plating is much more appropriate to be titled "Resistance", whilst Second Wind is much more suiting under "Vitality", & Unflinching a lot more like "Strength". So I feel as though THIS order would make more sense: (R2) STRENGTH: Demolish / Font of Life / Unflinching (R3) RESISTANCE: Iron Skin / Mirror Shell / Conditioning / Bone Plating (R4) VITALITY: Overgrowth / Revitalise / Second Wind I feel as though the potential combination of Bone Plating, Second Wind & Overgrowth would provide too much sustain early-on. Whereas moving Bone Plating to the stat booster (R3) tier, leaving the utility tier (R2) free to be more of only a utility tier, I feel it would be much more balanced this way. (R2) is very much a utility tier, whilst (R3) is a stat-booster tier, & (R4) a sustain tier. Mixing the runes & their effects ruins the flow of these categories, & could be potentially unbalanced.
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