riot can we get a quinn reverte plz? i really think that will be awesome and i will be really happy playing old quinn again and people will like it too and imagine old quinn with new lethality items totally crazy dmg also q can crit when you are valor so what do you think ? also got nice teamfighting and assasinate and old quinn can one shot with not even lethality because old was so overpowered and got no reason to rework her thats why i say that we better should revert the rework and make quinn fun to play again. so guys can we get old quinn back ? old quinn got so much reasons that was better and more funny riot disapointed me when they reworked her i really think that if they revert the rework and you play old quinn again you will be really happy too and also can deal crazy dmg with lethality just imagine the dmg with old quinn and new lethality items . is better than new quinn who loses vs all champions with lower items.{{champion:133}} please guys i really miss old quinn and ulti dosnt get slow on minions and just imagine old quinn with q crit and full lethality and enemys got no escape just great
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