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Visual and Sound Effects Update: Anivia
Hello everyone! Similar to the recent Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar, and Vi updates, we're working on VFX and SFX updates to more champions whose spell effects are in need of some love to get to current League standards.
Hi, guys, so as {{champion:34}} Anivia VFX update first come to PBE I want to say my thoughts and opinions about this video posted by Riot on 2018-11-02. First of all, have to say that I love Anivia, and she deserves more affection from Riot, she has incredible potential for a new story that connects the other champions and that does justice to her powers, and his years of life. - On the wings: In the original skin they are not fluid, they are hard and strange, the wings flapping of her is still strange. In skin Carnival and BlackFrost the wings are ok! Another thing in the original skin: the wings beat too slowly, as it is slow the flapping of wings becomes even stranger to those who play with her. Quinn's Valor flies a lot more beautiful for example than the Anivia! She looks more like a bluebird flying strange than a bird ice goddess. - The self-attack is ok for me but I miss ice in general - (Q) is ok but I miss cold, maybe fractals of ice; - The ice wall (W) got super interesting but it's missing a bit of snow and cold in my opinion. I hope that with this rework projectile attacks are blocked by the "ice wall" as they are blocked by the "Yasuo wind wall" because it makes no sense the wind blocking projectiles and an ice wall does not... - The (E) is amazing with three pieces of ice, although I think they should be spaced out just like the Q of Twisted Fate; - The (R) looks beautiful but I see more wind than cold and ice, I think it is fitting to make icy adjustments in general for her. And speaking of your passive (P) I miss cold on your sides, it's an icy egg and with that, she needs a cold wind circulating the egg! As a cold champion, she has to bring this to the battlefield. > "I am the snow, wind, and ice." {{champion:34}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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