Respawn Timers

This gamemode is supposed to last around 20 minutes at most. The timings for events and deaths really don't work well, and they feel bad as well. This gamemode is supposed to be full of fights, but the extremely punishing deaths incentivise playing way too safe and not initiating fights, and it causes burst damage to be way more viable than sustained damage as well. If you lose a teamfight at 16-17 minutes and Sudden Death begins, you are just going to lose because you can't actually do anything, and it feels unresponsive as well. I would really love to see the respawns be way faster, at maybe 15 seconds or so even at max level so that we can keep fighting constantly, since it's the most fun part of this gamemode. Many people like to brawl constantly and this would make it more enjoyable. It would also allow teams who are behind to come back after a fight. What does everyone else think? I'd also like to see a Rioter respond to this, if they have any plans on changing the respawns and such. Thank you for reading.

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