Yuumi and general feedback

I played a little bit of Yuumi and I really enjoy the champion. Though I have few suggestions on her. 1. When Yuumi is connected with ally you can steer her Q. Tho it is imposible to cast Q, connect and than gain a possibility to steer it. In my opinion it would be a nice thing for mix-ups with Yuumi. 2. Exiting her W and disconnecting with ally feels a little bit too long. How about shortening the animation? 3. How about allowing to use basic attack while connected? Im aware that this may be highly debatable decision but Lulu's pixie serves similar role as Yuumi does while connected. It may be not the best argument so I wanted to add one more thing. Being connected with ally feels a little bit boring, you could as well just stay connected and click E and you would not be punished for it. I think allowing basic attacks would somehow give the players more sense of freedom in a situation like this and allow her to use her passive ability. 4. Well this point is just a little suggestion. Would be cool to have some kind of dash or jump while exiting the W to move away faster or move closer to other ally faster. Overall really like Yuumi! point no. 4 is just a suggestion which isnt exacly needed I would like for further experimentation in the direction of no. 1 and 2 and 3 Thanks for reading o7

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