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Hey guys, We added a small aesthetic flair to the ability bar that's on PBE right now - it plays whenever the cooldown on a champion's ability is _fully_ reset (will not play on partial resets). In the example gif, Draven's W is reset every time he catches an axe. The goal for this is to make ability resets feel more satisfying and be a little more noticeable. If you see it in game and have any feedback, please respond here! Here are the full list of champions that we've put this on now: {{champion:131}} Diana (R) {{champion:122}} Darius (R) {{champion:119}} Draven (W) {{champion:39}} Irelia (Q) {{champion:28}} Evelynn (E) {{champion:429}} Kalista (E) {{champion:55}} Katarina (Q, W, E, R) {{champion:121}} Kha’Zix (E) {{champion:2}} Olaf (Q) {{champion:13}} Ryze (Q) {{champion:18}} Tristana (W) {{champion:29}} Twitch (Q) {{champion:26}} Zilean (Q, E) EDIT: Removed Master Yi - R Passive cannot reduce Q/W/E to 0 instantly. Cheers!
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