That's why it doesn't hurt to be NICE to your PBE community Riot.

Being on PBE means having to put up and endure all the unpredictability that comes with this servers. We testers right here are your first line of defense against bugs and issues. We are actively reporting bugs and engaging in this community despite the very glitchy nature of PBE we persist. Why? for 2 main reasons. 1. PBE is exciting and has new content. 2. A sense of duty toward helping others. or else no one would bother reporting bugs and issues. For that reason dear Riot PBE. It really doesn't hurt to be nice to your community here. If we constantly demand something then don't make it feel like we don't deserve it. Make skins available (they are available through loot anyway, but just an expensive **time** consuming route), Give us Legends eggs, fix bugs and issues in under a WEEK. if we demand spatula club when urf was available then give it to us. Trust me we are WORTH it. otherwise you'd see these bugs on live server and face the real outrage. **Funny because I once neglected to report a bug here only to see it reported on live servers with many people affected.**
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