I don't like the idea of nexus golems fighting

In short: one team is hard winning against another then this thing happens and suddenly hardlosing team won the game. This isn't hard worked comeback, it's a coin flip. While I understand that this mode is supposed to be fun, this thing takes all the fun away. Nexus golems either should be more tanky or appear later because games here are too short. I just had 2 games. In one I was hard losing player, in another I was hard winning. In both cases this event turned tables. In both cases I think the game was won unfair way. on a side note loot teemo and king of the hill spawn places are too deep in one team side - one team has way higher advantage in securing the objective than another. It's okay, but the advantage should be smaller so we can experience actual fighting for objective, not diving it to die in an attempt of defending unfairly placed objective.
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