PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins

Hello again friends. GrumboJr here again introducing the new Invictus Gaming Skins! https://imgur.com/IJaLf6J Invictus Gaming are the 2018 World Champions and we’ve made these skins to honor the 2018 Invictus Gaming Roster! The skins will be 1350 RP (subject to change) each and include: **New models and textures** - Sporting new black and white outfits, each champion has the motif of dark wings in contrast to their white uniforms. **New VFX for all spells** - Dark feathers contrast against white sparkles, as well as the Invictus Gaming logo with added flair. **New SFX for all spells** - Feathers and dark angelic moods. **New recall animations** - Each of these were requested specifically by their associated player. **Invictus Gaming Camille - Ning Invictus Gaming Fiora - TheShy Invictus Gaming Irelia - Duke Invictus Gaming Kaisa - Jackylove Invictus Gaming Leblanc - Rookie Invictus Gaming Rakan - Baolan** Like all World Championship skins, these are Legacy Skins. All of the Invictus Gaming skins are now available to play on PBE. Thank you very much for participating in the PBE and your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!
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