Feedback on "Feedback Threads" (and Blood Moon Katarina critique)

I would like to address something in this post. At the beginning of the year, it was said that the skins team would take a new approach to feedback by "reading all comments, which will allow us to compile feedback much more quickly". I actually want to congratulate the team on it, because action was taken on Blood Moon Katarina. The SFX and VFX were changed according to the feedback and the Ruby chroma (asked by the community) looks gorgeous. BUT I also want to say that, since some of the most commented problems with the skin were the horns and hair on the model, those should be addressed too. If change isn't possible, tell us why and be honest. Personally I have an issue with the horn placement especially, and I think it could be fixed by looking at the splash art and doing the same on the model. Move Katarina's horn more to the side and move the mask more to the front. I did some quick modifications on photoshop. ( Yes I know that changing the actual model is NOT as easy as simply going on photoshop, I just want to share the idea). [ Horn moved a little to the side and the mask moved to the front ( like in the splash art). [ Same as above but with some improvements on the horn seen from the side. [ The hair would look better if it was a little slimmer and thinner. It looks very big and triangular in-game. Excuse my quick photoshop skills but I just wanted to share. The skin looks pretty good, don't get me wrong, but I think people would be WAY happier with these slight changes. Thank you for the answers to some of the feedback but please, address why the model is not being changed. I also want to point out that almost no post made here is answered by a rioter, which is pretty sad to see on a feedback board. Long story short: Be more honest and transparent with the community. That's all. Thank you very much. PS: I think Nightbringer Lee Sin's neck should be also looked at, and tell us why it was possible to change Dragonslayer Trundle's model (the hair) but others (Nightbringer Lee Sin and Blood Moon Katarina) are not being changed, despite the negative feedback on some of the model features.
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