Thoughts on the HUD Change

I feel the in game client is more smooth than before and I like that. I also like the fact that I am able to adjust the champions in the scoreboard. I like the tear on the skills when we have no mana because I want to cry when I'm oom. However, there are some things that I thought was bad: 1. Level up buttons are not noticeable. Many times I forgot to level up my skills because I did not even notice that I levelled up. I guess the lines are too thin or something about the color..? One player even forgot to level up 5 times in a row. 2. I hate the change of position of the in game time and FPS and my cs, kda etc. It's been changed to the bottom left of the map and the characters are so tiny it hurts my eyes trying to read them. 3. I prefer the items and gold on the left hand side of the map. So many times I clicked shop and did not know how much gold I have because I was looking at the wrong part of the map. One player mistook his blasting wand{{item:1026}} as flash{{summoner:4}} and engaged thinking he had the summoner spell up because that is where Flash used to be. But I guess we may get used to it after awhile. 4. Some people complained that they are not able to click at the options button that used to be on top of the mini map because their ESC key was broken and they were unable to change in-game settings. 5. I really hate that the ally champ portraits became so small, it is hard for me to see their CD on their ultimates. Again, this hurts my eyes trying to determine whether they have their ult or not because the green button is so small. 6. The extended champ stats are so small too. I like the old one where the stats were clear. Now it feels like I have to memorize their positions or hover over every number to see what it is referring to. The normal stats are now always hidden as well unless you click on it to expand. I prefer being able to see the stats at all times. 7. I used to see my allies' stats by clicking on them in scoreboard. Now, when I click on their name, I often mute them by accident because the ally name is so small and the mute button is right on top of their name. Overall, the new HUD is so small and I can't see anything because I'm Asian. RITO pls..
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