About Irelia Changes

Ok... We all know that Irelia sucks at this moment on live servers, her win rate in top,adc, mid is like 45% or less... With Conqueror nerfs, teleport nerfs Do you guys really think that this changes will gonna help her?? Yeah, you r kinda of buffing her duelist and passive potential early game, but the way you are trying to compensate the buffs with the nerfs on teleport, conqueror, it does not worth it, losing range in 3 abilities, 15% damage reduction on W (LVL 5), damage on E,Q and the mark time. What the fuck?? Do you guys really think that worth trading all of this stuff with more 4 AD, 30 health and passive minor buffs????????? I really don't get it how it gonna solve her problem. This really sounds like a Nerf than a Buff, and the last thing she needs now with all of this changes is a nerf like this. Please reconsider the changes, and help us, the main irelia community {{champion:39}}
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