New Game Invites System - Now on the PBE!

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that we’re about to turn on our newly rebuilt Game Invitations on the PBE, and we would love to hear your feedback. There are several new additions to the Invitations system, but I want to take a second to explain why we focused effort and time on this project. In our effort to build toward a more reliable, predictable, and consistent experience in the LoL client, we had to make several major system changes, first starting with our rearchitecting of the Champion Trades system, followed by a rearchitecting of the Game Invitations system. Both systems previously lived in the Chat system, which worked for a while, but didn’t scale well. It created a bug-prone experience, and limited our ability to build and add new features. So, we removed the operations from Chat, and put them into our Platform, where Invites are now allowed to be more intelligent about where you are and what you can or cannot do, enabling us to introduce functionality that we’ve wanted to give you all for a long time. Here is the new behavior you can expect to see while creating and inviting friends to games: 1. The ability to be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby 2. Lobby owners can select teammate to be the Game Owner and “Draft Captain” in charge of bans & 1st pick 3. Improved Invitee and Lobby Statuses * Accepted * Pending * Declined * Accepted - Lobby Full * Accepted - Quit * Joined - Quit * Joined * Kicked * Banned 4. Invitations to games no longer available will now read “The invitation from <Summoner> has expired.” 5. Grant invite privileges in Custom Games 6. Chat Lobbies will remain in-tact if someone leaves Champ Select 7. Ability to send and receive game invites if Chat goes down 8. The ability to send invites to a player who is offline, so they can have an invite waiting for them when they log in 9. Chat is no longer restricted when sending out large amounts on invites at once We are very eager to hear your feedback, and would welcome any questions to any of the changes listed above, or about our approach to improve the LoL client experience. Thanks, everyone. RBS EDIT: Points 8 and 9 are added, and "more more intelligent" is fixed.
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