Aatrox model feedback

Hello summoners, So on the live servers im a level 7 aatrox. I love the champ and really love his model and idea. and was really excited about the rework but...….. something about the reworked aatrox feels off. the abilities definitely feel better but the model and voice feel way off. for example. he looks a lot skinnier now and feels like he cant hold his weapon. his arms and legs look puny and the lack of metal spikes and armor from the live aatrox is apparent. also when compared to live aatrox his colour stands out. its sore bright red. even his new splash art shows dark skin like the original. his wings are gone and now he gets the same wings as swain when he ults which is cool for a bit until u feel underwhelmed. I cant complain about the voice... even though I like the old voice more I understand going for a new direction with the character. but still...… all of it feels a bit off....maybe I would have loved him as a new champ..but this rework leaves me and probably many more aatrox players feeling betrayed... I would love to see some changes to the model...make it look as big and dark as the original...not a skinny starved reaaaally red demon.... maybe even reward the players who truly loved aatrox with a traditional skin that keeps the old model, voice and the unique sword. C ya on the field summoners. {{champion:266}}
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