Cassiopeia in URF

Now i know it's URF. But there are some things that are too extreme even for URF. For a long time now Cassiopeia has been pretty much unbeatable, resulting in the earliest surrenders that i've ever experienced in over 8 years of playing. Since champs like shaco, teemo, maokai ect can't put traps all over the place anymore and kassadin can't stack ult up that far, i really hope there will be something done to cassi too. You can't lane at all, from level 1 they just run you down in a few seconds with only twin fangs. I realize i'm probably too late, i didn't think of it earlier, i just had a very unpleasant encouter and remembered how bad it really is. But something needs to be done, that's for sure. Either hotfixed which is unlikely, or at least for the next time. It is pretty much impossible to keep her from taking over the game at level 1 unless your team is camping the crap out of her. And that's pretty much not a thing with randoms. And since it's season 9 where people can afk without getting banned, i fear the worst for URF this time. Just throwing that in here in hopes this is still preventable. I would even go as far and say just disable her for urf if you can't find a way to fix it. It is bad, it is really really bad. It always was and it somehow still never got any attention.
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