About the new runes

so far they are great and all, but still they are lacking things. Maybe I the only one, but with 5 trees, we should be able to choose in a 5:3:1 ratio. Of course that would require 15 more runes and one new slot to all trees, but this would give us more tuning and, I think that some will agree with me, give us some more tactical liberty at soloQ, as some of the new runes really need a team communication that is not easily to find without a predefined party. about new runes, I have a few suggestions, to who are reading it, I would like to read your thoughts about then: LEGEND: -a rune that after a enemy takedown, you give your allies a buff, maybe some bonus damage or MS boost. but just to allies -a rune that give some buff to your minions, maybe after a takedown -an efect based on the first epic monster you kill or help. Like bonus armor or damage from dragons Domination: -pack leader: you do more damage based on the number of allies next to you - a rune that gives decreased ghost CD and during it you do more damage or damage enemies next to you - something like aery, but that works just with JG monsters, until you "feed" it enough, then it would damage opponents or other effect SORCERY - after a successful teleport, you do bonus magical damage for a time or when inside the area - choose one of your non-ultimate ability, it will do increased damage (could not really think another} RESOLVE: - take less damage from minions and JG monsters - receive bonus MR/AR after receiving CC - you can shield your tower , with long CD INSPIRATION: - your trinket have a bigger radius (this tree is kind of hard to think thing} Well, maybe most of it would not really work, but its just some ideias
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