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I'm not the best at drawing circles, but this is accurate. To put into comparison (auto-attacks): Caitlyn has a base range of 650. Draven has a base range of 550. Ahri has a base range of 550. Azir has a base range of 525 for champion auto-attacks.
Can we please talk about the Azir Nerf? I know he needs to get toned down, but reducing his Range to 550 is not the right way. You might as well not even summon a soldier and just go AD now and use your soldier as a gap closer. Instead take a look at the REAL Problem: High Mobillity on a DPS Control Mage. My suggestion: * Increase the "Q - Conquering Sands" Range and the "W - Arise!" Soldier Spawn and Activity Range and reduce/remove the "E - Shifting Sands" Shield. * Remove the Q - E interaction. To be fair, i love the interaction, but it needs to go. * Give "R - Emperor's Divide" the Dash Prevention back, since it cannot be used for the "Shurima Shuffle" anymore. I know its a part of Azir as a Champion, but please remove the Shurima Shuffle. It just prevents Azir from EVER being a Viable Champion outside of Proplay. -MrButternuss (600k Azir)
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