New Wu damage is really low

P: Passive 4% stacking to 20% makes you want to build attack speed items so you can stack it fast as well as Runes that boost attack speed. And since his W Clone also attacks as fast as Wu does makes you again to stack attack speed. Q: His Q does WAY less damage then before. The Heal is based off AD but with everything else pointing to building attack speed lowers this. The Bonus damage is FLAT and so is the bonus healing (from AD) so makes you want to level this last as W and E have more ways to "Play" His Clone seems all buggy It will apply {{item:3091}} bonus magic damage but the healing from it heals the Clone and not Wu It will not stack or trigger {{item:3087}} or any Energizer weapon. It will not heal Wu of the damage it does from {{item:3812}} or {{item:3146}} or from Life Steal or Runes. The Melee Range of the Clone is also buggy. He will attack some things but then not attack other things that are in range. Some time it wont attack (this is after attacking something with Wu himself) Maybe something dealing with using E>W combo? E: Damage on this is ALSO lowered from Live.... by a lot.. Range is good but Clones do not seem to block any skill shots like it should. R: Its the same but damage seems slow because you build attack speed with Wu so its really only for CC Also is lvl 1 damage right? 20 damage p/s then lvl 2 being 110 damage p/s?
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