Eternals: initial concept feedback

"What Do I Get for Leveling Up My Eternals? When we decided to add progression to Eternals, we wanted players to have moments where they felt especially awesome with rewards that felt unique. One of the ideas we were inspired by came from the fitness world: Personal Bests. We loved the idea of Eternals being a way for you to capture an awesome game on your main, and let you show it off to everyone in the moment." This is such a terrible idea. Players are literally paying money to unlock an "achievements unlocked" mode. How much head patting do you think players need? Adding a few extra bars to the mastery emote? Skinning the mastery emote with themes? This is such a pointless waste of money when you could be making new emotes for champs that dont have any. We want skins, chromas, and emotes. But I don't like this sort of system for unlocking those things honestly. I'd rather just be able to cherry pick the things I want in the shop.
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