Hey lovely riot, i have a feedback about RURF

Hey guys, i think you are doing great, that map graphics are amazing and this snowball skil is a surprise for all of us. But i think this champion limitation must ne removed before it comes to eu West. And since all the Players(%95min.) has made it Clear that they dont like the champion limitation including me, i think it would be a reasinable thing to quickly chance the plan and make another great last minute surprise to all of we summoners and remove the champion limitation. We know that you wana try different things and add a little bit excitement, but we are not enjoying this New limitation thing and we summoners would rly appriciate if you make a change for us. It rly becomes Boring to see same champs all games after a point and we wana try %80cdr with ALL champs. İ am greatful that you guys are open-minded for a feedback and hope you wil read it. Thank you! :)
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