Akali bugs and feedback so far

I love akali, she's amazing. Even if I'm not a pro with her, I have always loved playing with her. When I saw her rework video yesterday, i swear it was the first time in my whole life of playing LoL that I was actually excited for a champion. So, of course today I played some games with her to get to know her again. So, here is my feedback for what I was able to play: First, and maybe what annoyed me of her rework, was the fact that she is **SUPER squishy**. She starts with like 600 life and scales poorly in my opinion. In one of the games she couldn't survive two single attacks from any champion because she died... Two basic attacks I should clarify. Old Akali was squishy, but not at this level. I couldnt advance properly because of that. Second thing that I didn't like was her **Q cost**. Q + Q = I couldnt do anything else and that usually means death. Other people have already mentioned a bug on leveling her Q, so I'm mot touching that part, but yeah, maybe lowering the cost from 80 to 60 could be fine. Another thing is her **healing** factor. Due to her incredibly low life, I was now much more dependant to healing/life steal items. Old Akali's passive let me survive more, but now healing with a Q that takes half your energy, and ONLY WHEN ITS FULL energy that heals... Way too dependant on lifegain items now... A bug that I found several times while playing, be it on training tool with bots, or vs other players, was her **second activation of her R doing 0 Damage**! Swing for the kill? Nope, no damage... It happened constantly, but I can't say how often. Just enough for me to notice it. Besides that, she's really good. I love her. Her skins are great, her new animations are awesome... Everything. But yeah, with such little life, being dependant on a super cost-expensive Q to heal is not good at all. If I could suggest changes I would do this: Increase her life!!!! Passive: Same, but when you get the passive ability hit, you get healed. Q: Remove the healing. ~~Decrease the cost to half. Decrease damage.~~ Add: When cast close to full Energy, it deals additional damage. I think that could work. :) Edit: fixed her Q because my original proposal was too OP and I didn't notice.

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