Still no RP, so I present an Idea

With people still not having RP, I believe everything should cost a certain amount of Blue Essence until this is either fixed or the new change could be permanent. I believe this should change because overall in my opinion I think people come to the PBE to play with the skins they want, but without being able to purchase said skins. People may feel like there is no point in even having a PBE account if they don't even get to test the skins that they may be thinking of buying on the Live server. With this being said, I had came up with this idea over the past few days and decided to post about it just now. I have some examples that may even be able to help riot implement a new system on PBE and there will be no more use of RP on the PBE but it would require people to start playing games earning Blue Essence to get skins champions, Hextech Chests / Capsules and more! Here are some examples -Skins- Ultimate / Gemstone Skins: 2750 BE Legendary Skins: 1250 BE Rare Skins: 600 BE Regular Skins: 200 BE -Accessories- Icons: 150 BE Ward Skins: 150 BE Rune Pages: May stay the same or maybe a lower price -Emotes- (Emotes have become a big thing in the community nowadays so I believe that maybe they should be a bit cheaper and affordable so people can express themselves in game more.) Emotes: 500 BE -Boosts- (I am only including the major XP boosts as the lower ones aren't too useful) 10 Wins: 1270 50 Wins: 2640 BE 3 Days: 980 BE 7 Days: 1460 BE -Hextech Crafting- (There is a way to get a decent amount of BE and make a profit out of buying these if they were buy'able for Blue Essence, but there could be a solution to this making it worth a gamble.) -ESPORTS- (I now see as of today that the Esports bundles are now on the PBE and they cost insane amounts of RP, not really allowing the skins themselves to really be tested. This being so I think the bundles should be affordable in BE at least before the patch goes live to main servers next week.) That is it for my examples. If you have anything to add-on to this please do so and it would help out spread awareness to this allot. Thank you for taking your time to read this and please, share this with others if you think this is a good idea as well. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Someone posted some feedback on this and I decided to edit my thread below this line from now on filling everyone in on some new ideas that could be added onto this! ------------------------------------ Edit #1 Riot could reset everyone's Blue Essence to a FIXED amount for example maybe around 20,000 BE and this could be used on what I listed above. After having their Blue Essence reset, the only way to earn more would be from playing matches to level up and opening hextech chests to disenchant champion shards etc. ------------------------------------
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