Aatrox Rework Detailed Feedback

Hi. Before I begin with my thoughts I would like to give some background on myself since this is my first time posting here. Outside of league of legends I work as a Software Tester. Inside of the league I have been an Aatrox main for the better part of 5 years. I will try to tackle providing feedback on his rework as objectively I can. I will also try to avoid reference to his old kit and his old self as much as possible as Riot WAAAARGHbobo's comments in another thread have made it clear that the approach is as such. I will begin the feedback by describing the requirements that I believe Aatrox should be built around in order to properly represent the fantasy of a god of war. **Requirements** A. Voice - Aatrox has lived for a very long time. He has experienced battle countless times and loves the thrill of it. He was also forcibly sealed and so will have a deep hatred for those that sealed him away. B. Visual - Aatrox inspires his allies in combat while intimidating his opposition. His history of battle gives him confidence in the battlefield. While clearly powerful he should also have finesse attained from years of living by/as a sword. C. Gameplay - (Reave previously said that he would play as a Juggernaut/Duelist hybrid so I will proceed on this assumption) Aatrox should not rely on the power of magic as he is a master of the sword. He should be able to carve through legions of enemies on the battlefield and his abilities should flow together gracefully but destructively. Aatrox should be immortal on the battlefield. **Feedback** A. Voice - I think an excellent job has been done here. Personally this voice is how I always imagined Aatrox and matches up to what I would expect based on the requirements. I don't have much else to say here other than Great Job!!! B. Visual - This is complicated because there is a lot done well here and a lot that I think could be improved on. 1. The colour scheme uses red extensively which is a great indicator for both anger and war. However the name Aatrox the Darkin Blade draws an image of darkness which is currently matched up with the in game colour scheme atm. The colours are very bright which is quite surprising. 2. Animations do an excellent job of intimidation. His walk animation with his sword behind his back and the smoothness that it is drawn when near an enemy is excellently implemented. Many of the spell animations are excellent also. 3. The only negative to give here is his homeguard animation. Because he is in his sword holstered animation he power walks around which looks somewhat odd. A suggestion on how this could be improved is by him having his wings appear in some form (translucent or just a glow of them) and he could fly until his movespeed drops to a certain threshold. The animation of him drawing his sword could still be used if he is close to enemies while in this increased movespeed state (for example after a teleport). Overall a good job has been done on the visual representation. I want to give particular praise to the particle effect on the mecha aatrox skin. C. Gameplay - 1. Currently I think that Aatrox does not meet the idea of a duelist or a juggernaut. Aatrox has a fundamental flaw on the duelist front in that the only way to reposition his q is to use his e. This move offers no mobility and is telegraphed and so does not offer any turn around or outplay potential. This stops it from being a move that a duelist would have. He also has no in built damage reduction. Further if you use his e to avoid damage you lose the ability to land his q which is his primary spell due to the current delays. When compared with a champion like Fiora or Camille it is easy to see how they might outplay an Aatrox but not as much the other way around. 2. Further to this is the juggernaut fantasy. Currently his healing is not a lot and with no in built damage reduction he doesn't feel tanky. The only exception lies within his ult in his revive. The revive is hardly useable in its current state. If tank stats are built you reduce the chance of obtaining the revive as once it becomes full the effect is lost within around a second. This doesnt feel great. Perhaps once the ult wears off his stats should decay over 2 seconds and his bloodwell decays similarly. These factors combined stop him from effectively achieving a juggernaut fantasy. 3. Currently his q allows him to AoE which gives him the power fantasy of cutting through war however there is no finesse in his abilities outside of the animations. The spells feel clunky to use due to him being stationary during the cast. Perhaps it would be best to consider allowing him to move during the casts however he applies a self slow during the channel. My idea of how this would look in game is similar to the self slow effect of Vi's Q. His w feels really rewarding to use. The e currently feels like it only exists to augment q. The ultimate in its current state is underwhelming from a gameplay perspective. I would consider making it augment his abilities if the idea of a steroid ult is desired. **Conclusion** Many aspects of this rework are near what can be described as ready for Live. The VO can be considered ready and the animations are pretty much ready with the exception of homeguard animations. Several elements of his gameplay still need to be revisited in order to make him live out the fantasies that would be expected however perhaps some small changes could make a large difference. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this so I hope that someone from Riot manages to read it. If any of my points above are unclear I would be happy to discuss them. Thank you for reading, Potara
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