Picking Champion at Last Second in New Queue

So the other mid laner picked the champion I wanted to play. Happens. So my turn rolls around and I'm trying to decide who I want. Time is about to run out, I click on who I want and the client boots me. Now, I know I selected the champ in time as they appeared as part of our team comp. But I didn't click lock-in. So either it needs to be made very clear that you NEED to click lock-in or it boots you or it needs to auto-lock in your selection as long as you have, actually, made a selection. I mean, I understand the basic idea here, but I technically did nothing wrong and got booted and given a re-queue timer. Just something to look at. It's just the sort of thing that could confuse people. On another note, I mean, the new queue was cool, as much of it as I got to experience.
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