Unusually high ping lately?

I don't think this is for a feature feedback nor is it categorized as bugs but I'm sorry for being what it seems to be such a noob but I've been getting a terrifying ping rise lately. I can confirm this is not something that happens uncommonly, PBE always has issues with ping especially for us testers from outside of North America. But today has been a tedious session for matches with my most previous match as a Kindred JG with the scores 0/7 (yes, it's that ridiculous. And no, I don't usually get a score too horribly like this at all) due to shifty ping ranging between 270 to 2000+ ms. While in that particular match as well, it seems that I wasn't the only one experiencing high ping, a teammate Katarina (who went AFK out of frustration due to high ping and other teammates other than me not surrendering. She's not at all toxic, fyi). Pings reach to 2000 ms frequently too, which is really rare for me normally. Usually ping ranging 270 ms and below works perfectly fine and is playable for me. But when it hits 300 ms everything will screw up. A TF player (who also was in a previous match) had signs of high ping even though he started to flame Katarina and I for having high ping (idk why), by the fact when he used /all chat to say that his character was randomly stopping at certain points, and with that I'm drawing a conclusion that he's also having mild ping rise spikes, if not severe as I had. Additionally, a teammate Ryze, had similar issues like Katarina and I. I've tested my local ethernet and it's no more than 10 ms and is usually 5 ms. 270 ms of ping had never been a problem and I have been on PBE for 3 years already, not having too serious of a problem with pings unless my bills were overdue. Then again, sorry for a very a pointless and long post, but has there been a problem with the servers lately that we're having a very shifty ping? Or has it really been like this ever since I heard the server has been moved? (From what I've heard, I don't know if this is true). Since I had a year of hiatus before beginning to test on PBE again.

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