8.2 Ornn changes

Hey everyone. Top player Gold level. ( yeah i'm not a diamond but I have an opinion too ) What about ornn changes ? Well there is 2 : The ult CD and the unstoppable from is W being removed. My opinion : The Ult CD .... well ... I can't say that is not a good idea because it's main build is actually fast 40% CD and launching it all 30 secondes is not fair ^^ The unstoppable part ... On this point i'm more splitted. I don't understand what's the point of nerfing this character so much. I mean : look at the winrate he is dropping hard right now because of indirect nerfs hitting him. Don't kill this character like you did for poppy... You buffed him because he was faaaaaar behind other he stabilized around 50% winrate, dropped around 48% and still dropping right now. His team passive is interesting in late game ( yeah it still exist in 5% of games ) and he is vs matchup like gnar, yasuo ( Canceling ult with a wall ) , pantheon, riven, akali, jax and more right now ... He is already getting destroyed by this champions ( and raped by illaoi ) . If you remove the unstoppable there will not be a single windows to counter play that kind of champs in the laning phase... The unstoppable part make him unique don't kill that part of this champ.
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