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As you've may have noticed, we've recently made some changes to the old parties system. Before, parties had really rudimentary functionality: You could invite friends to join if they were eligible, you could select your positions and... that was pretty much it.
Hi PBErs, I’m QA Analyst Chupaacabra fresh off of Open Parties, back to talk about premade Voice, now available on PBE. As a heads up, Voice won’t be coming to Live regions in the next patch (8.5), but we’re not far out from our live release. What the hey is premade Voice and how do I do things with it Premade voice is a voice chat system that you will join automatically once you enter a party with another person. This means you won’t be in a Voice channel with someone unless they are specifically in your party - you won’t be able to talk to randos in your game who aren’t in your party. Once you’re in a party with someone, you’ll be able to see who is in your voice session and access Voice settings in the Voice panel, located next to your missions at the bottom of the friends list. If you don’t want to join a Voice session automatically, we’ll have the option available to you to turn that off- this setting will be remembered for you on the client side, so you won’t have to keep doing it every time you log in. While in the lobby, you’ll see Voice halos show up on a player’s summoner icon to indicate when they are talking on their mic. You’ll also be able to see this in the Voice panel. Once you’re in champ select, you’ll still have access to the Voice panel and you’ll see Voice halos for when players are speaking here. Once you’re in-game, you’ll have access to the Voice panel through a little button located next to the minimap, when you press TAB to view your scoreboard, and you’ll also be able to open the panel on its own by pressing “m”. You’ll be able to see when you are speaking or your teammates are speaking through voice halos on your champion portrait and theirs. If you don’t want to see the Voice halos in-game, we have the option for you to disable them. You’ll also be able to access Voice halos and panels on the EOG screen, and you’ll seamlessly remain in the same voice session with your party if you click “play again”. What we’d love to hear from you is your feedback on the current voice functionality, bug reports, any hardware problems you encounter, and if you find yourself having bad quality audio when you or others in your party are talking. Thanks for your help! KNOWN ISSUES: * Push to talk option is not available on mac clients - We will definitely be fixing this for or shortly after the full voice live launch. Windows users will have full access to Push to talk * You may experience some crackly audio on mac clients while using auxillary hardware for voice - we have a fix coming shortly for this
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