11 little things about nexus blitz

1.- The camera angle feels different 2.- i feel very slow in this gamemode, there could be an buff of movement speed (like in urf) 3.- The jungle take to much time even with 2 junglers, and that makes the rol boring 4.- in my first plays, i don't have any idea of what to do in some events, maybe a short animation or moving the camera to the circle of capture/ boss teemo/payload could help to understand what is going on 5.- You don't know if you win as ''chaos/order''... maybe when you create the map can divide it in two different biomas, or just call the teams by colors (also black/white crystals in turrets could be more interesting than the classic red/blue) 6.- all the walls can be jumped by riven 3rd Q 7.- small bushes 8.- bugged minions running directly at tower 9.- the lane are too width and jungle too tight 10.- try to up the CDR limit at 50% and see what happens 11.- in one game i accidentally disconnect, when i reconnect i have like a super shining and golden ''running animation particles'' really exaggerated like if you have been buffed by a high burst of movement speed, except that you don't have it lol, my teammate did not see that bugged particles (i was playing with pulsefire riven btw), the game mode is really fun, waiting for the final version, thanks riot
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