3000 RP AND 5 BE

Hi! {{champion:107}} A few days ago I saw a facebook post saying that PBE is open to all of us. I was so excited because I always wanted to be a PBE tester. 2 years ago I applied to be a tester and I have not received any answer so far. It seems to me a very good change. I made my PBE account and unfortunately the store was not available, but I had 999K RP and BE. After that I informed myself more and learned that the store was closed due to the large number of purchases. I have also learned that in order to be accepted on PBE you must have a minimum lvl 3 honor and have a clean account. Then the maintenance comes. Next day in the morning I entered the PBE and I was surprised to have only 3000 RP and 5 BE. I went to the forums to find out more. I was very disappointed. The point is that I find it is a bad idea to have only 3000 RP and 5 BE. Rather, the ideal solution for the new PBE system would be new rules like: -must have lvl 5 honor (because you play fairplay) -must have a clean account (no bans) -must have lvl 30 (because you're "mature" at this lvl) -must have SILVER + (optional / this is because bronze players are usually toxic) ........ You should not change the number of RP and BE, you should change the rules to enter the PBE. Only players really "honorable". I hope this problem will be solved soon. I know that other players think the same as me in this situation. I trust the RIOT to make the right choice. I miss the 999K RP and BE. And sorry for my english {{champion:238}} Bye! {{champion:107}}
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