store bug

since 2 patches, there are several icons and aspects that do not appear in the store (and not only in the normal store, but also in the hextech store there are aspects that do not appear), I want to acquire the following icons and appearance, but these do not appear : aspects: renekton hextech, twisted pax destination, shen and twisted fate fire pulse, the skin of kai'sa, ahri, evelynn and akali K / DA (and its prestigious edition of skin), aatrox moon of blood (and its edition of prestige), defiant hero, world ice prince, wukong spearman of the nimbus, all victorious aspects, and lunar and lone eclipse. Icons: icons of the season 2019, part 1 and 2 (the strange thing is that these 2 icons were awarded to me when I won a qualifying game but they did not pick me up in the list of obenidos icons), the pulse torn. icon, shen, twisted destiny and caitlyn, cosmic icons and K / DA icons. I also wanted to buy the chests that they created for the event of the official servers, but neither do they seem to me. I need help to solve my problem.

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