Set Ethernals with Azir complet, My detailed opinion.

Azir have 3 Eternals with: Traitors Divided: Use R in 2+ Enemy (1 - 5 - 20 - 30 - 50 times). Damage Dealt: Hurt the champions (25 000- 100 000 - 250 000 - 400 000 - 600 000 of damage (I don't remember good but I think is this). Kills: Kill champions (10-20-50-100-200 kills). I only played Azir once 2 years ago once, But literally as if starting from 0 maestry points. I unlocked ``Traitors Divided´´ when I up to maestry 4, was easy for me, I have much experiencie for realize the combo although it cost me sometimes for the ping of 150 from Spain. ``Damage Dealt´´ I unlocked 1 game before of up to maestry 5 and ``Kills´´ when I uped maestry 5. With this in mind, I want say: The achievements are shorts and worth a decoration bar up of maestry but 850 RP for a set is too expensive, Each set is 850 RP x5 = 4250 {{champion:32}} . In such cases to make it worth it I would put a more striking decoration like stars surrounding the mastery and not bars, something you say: God, it's very beautiful and attracts a lot of attention! It was worth spending on the one hand RP for achievements. About my experience about the achiviements of ethernals, It's good, You can continue playing for new meta personal but I wish the achiviements were more longer, for example Damage dealt phase 5 requiere 600 000 damage but for me is short, maybe 1 000 000 of damage, and the principal ethernal I think would increase it to 100. In game, the notice, it's good when someone unlock a new meta personal or complet a phase, and the loading screen for see the ethernals not bad, but the ethernals enemy appears when you die... NO, is terrible, It generates a lot of discomfort, much discomfort. This type of system is for mains players no, Mains Player Lover yes, I love {{champion:268}} and for this reason I wanted test in PBE the achievements and this system is for a mains lover of champs, I love and hate this system, is for Mains Players Lovers but I think League of Legends need 2 parts of achiviements, for a part need achiviements free in general and for other part need for our pride for main champ lover only I want to say one more thing: that the time played with that champion be rewarded, for example, 1 million domain points or 100 milestones collected for a ornament in profile or a special ``back base ´´of main champ, not everything revolves around skins for our champs I have missed something else to say? PD: I'm still pray a prestigious owl skin for Azir {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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