My Thoughts on the new HUD

Part of this could just be me not wanting to let go... Anyway, personally I prefer the old HUD. What I like about this new one: - CDR and other stats easily available - Has most stuff available - It's pretty - Death timers w/o TAB - Rearrange stats - Ability upgrade effect(looks pretty... It's also a bit too distracting. My eyes are always drawn to it) What I like about the old one: - Ally ultimate lights are bigger - Maybe I'm blind but the time is much more convenient and bigger - It's not different(I find myself looking somewhere in a hurry but it's not there) - Can see names on stats w/o highlighting - Everything isn't packed into one corner - I liked the items in the bottom-left corner/cs,score, and time in the top-right corner better - A mute button - Easy to actually read the stats, unlike the new one. - XP bar is easier to see.(Needs a better place in the new HUD) - Spell channel bar!(Pointed out by, WORST RYZE PBE) Just... points: - I don't really like the tear icon when you're out of mana - No mute on the new map? - We need to be able to mute pings.(It'd be nice :3 ) Or at least be able to mute repeated pings of the same type. - New one is way too clumped up together(It's all so tiny too) - Everything is shoved off to the edges. The old one has a nicer feel and is much more balanced.(Pointed out by PBEIN) BUT WHAT I REALLY, REALLY WANT IS... Just to pick which one we'd like to use... It wouldn't hurt anyone. "Dischord - I have to agree. I personally think Riot had a good idea updating the HUD but tried too hard to incorporate this season's theme: Gameplay Clarity. I would love to see an update, however, not be so cluttered with so much information jam-packed all in one space. My example would be the mini-map region which contains two quite important numbers (time and ping) that shouldn't be positioned in a place where it comes across to be relatively useless. I would personally suggest Riot to do the same as they had for the IP, XP, Mastery, and First Blood/Rampage/Unstoppable update(s) but incorporate the new "feel" of league: Circles and Crisp Edges. Having the edges of the original smoothed out and curved, in my opinion, would optimize the appearance for the new (and hopefully improved!) HUD." I thought this post was simply brilliant and I completely agree. So thank you Dischord. "MarvelousStew - I'd just like to say that the new HUD, while it may not be too appealing to me, would be ALOT better if Riot just reskinned everything, but left everything in the same location. Maybe they should start of slow by just retexutring stuff, and they gradually add changes to see what the community wants and doesn't want. So leave the CS and game timer where it is currently, leave the ally champions on the left side, and then start to change things. I feel like this would help Rito find out what their community wants ^.^" I'd like this. Another common opinion is that Riot should just update the "look" but keep everything in it's original places. All I'd like to add to that is keep the CDR stat on there. I like that. What are the communities' thoughts?

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