Inting SION wins games.

How does sion lv 1deals massive damage with 1 item? Also every game you see sion on ARURF have 95%winrate! Had 2 games both games enemy had sion, he started running down mid lv 1, 2min tower had allready 80% , sion was 0-4 and 5min afther that you cant even kill him if he gets 1 item, he dosent even play! Runnibg down mid deals massive damage,uses passive and you get killled under tower! How is that balanced????teemo gets moslty one shots from assasins and full tanks .. but no let that be... and there is many many problems with damage/shields on ARURF right know! ALSO iverns damage and shield.. not fun,has rod of ages and still one shots you and gets no damage! Fun fun fun🤓🥳
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