Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread The new Runes are now on PBE! We're going to have an extra long PBE cycle for Runes so that we can gather your feedback and make changes. Please expect bugs, missing assets and weird numbers! Runes currently includes the following experiences: **The Inventory** Accessed from the "Runes" tab under Collection and dedicated to browsing and organizing (soon TM) created pages in the client. **Editing ** The ability to create, edit and delete new pages from the inventory or from champion select. Includes "line mode" and "grid mode" (grid mode pictured below) as well as short and long tooltips. **Loading Screen** Updated assets showing teammate and opponent keystones and secondary Paths ** In Game** Yeah there's a lot here. - Runes (Keystones and normal runes, VFX and audio additions where important) - Runes panel - Base stat adjustments - Jungle tuning **Runes do not yet include:** - End of Game adjustments (match history is there though) - Spectator mode adjustments - Filters for preset pages **Known Issues ** -- This section is not being actively updated any longer -- - _**Editing**_: 2 clicks are required on a secondary Path to display the bonus stat. - _**Editing**_: [FIXED] ~~Re-selecting secondary runes requires clicking the specific rune to de-select it and open up options (in both Line and Grid mode).~~ - _**Editing**_: Open primary Path drawers sometimes close when selecting a rune in a different drawer. - _**Editing**_: [FIXED] ~~The secondary Path icon stopped showing up in its home circle this morning. Go back to your home, you. ~~ - _**Editing**_: SFX continue to persist after leaving the runes tab. We do not intend for this to be your new soundtrack for the whole client. -------------------------- - _**Loading Screen**_:[FIXED] ~~Currently shows both Primary and Secondary path instead of just keystone & secondary path. Also looks butts.~~ __________ - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~Pinging the Runes UI does not properly display runes UI~~ - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~Scoreboard shows weird/wrong hovers that aren't true (Sorcery + 5000% AP)~~ - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~ Runes icon for bonus stat is small and squished in the bottom right ~~ - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~Taunting or emoting with Glacial Augment caused new beams to appear ~~ - _**In Game**_: Champions with clones do not get Aery or Meteor VFX on those clones, making it easy to tell which one is the clone. - _**In Game**_: Sona shield does not activate the shielding portion of Aery - _**In Game**_: Aery will sometimes leave and never come home, making everyone cry. - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~Frozen Heart reduces the amount of separate attacks/abilties needed to proc keystones with "separate" attacks~~ - _**In Game**_: [FIXED] ~~Kleptomancy is giving out Elixirs of Skill at level 18 and breaking the world~~ __________ - _**Champion Select**_: [FIXED] ~~The champion select dropdown has a pretty annoying bug we're working on where it's not properly switching equipped pages. Double check that you have the right page by opening the editing panel and using the dropdown within that as well so you don't end up in game with the wrong page.~~ - _**Champion Select**_: [FIXED] ~~Not touching the dropdown in ARAM means you go into a game with no runes~~ -_**Champion Select**_: Sometimes the editing window in champ select doesn't show up and there's just an X __________ - _**Inventory**_: [FIXED] ~~ Preset pages should not be counting towards your total page count~~ - _**Inventory**_: Creating a new page in champion select and then exiting champion select to the client breaks the create new button in the inventory __________ - _**Tooltips**_: [FIXED] ~~"Adaptive adaptive" lol. This one is my fault specifically, will fix for tomorrow.~~ -------------------------- If you have feedback, questions or comments about runes please leave them below! The team will be monitoring this thread for your help catching bugs and iterating on all of runes. **For in game feedback, it's very helpful for us if you also provide a screenshot of your in game runes panel AND the time your game ended (see example image below) as well as any details you think relevant. **
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