The end of a champion (yi “changes”)

I’ve tried the changes on yi in the last pbe patch. It’s insane how riot can nerf in the same patch conqueror-guinsoo-e damage adding him a little bit of speed and removing cast time of q-w (0,005sec). His on hit build is completely killed. Also the crit bulld will be affected by the e nerf (0 base ad and 10% less scaling). In a meta where tanks have been buffed and buffed an buffed what riot does???? Nerf the one who can kill tanks, also his preferred rune, also his preferred item (to proc more doublestrike and more e dmg). If this patch goes live as it is i can clearly say that yi is dead. Last but not least boosted monkeys will say that yi has been buffed CAUSE HIS Q DEALS MORE DAMAGE!1!1!1!11!!1 Well done riot games
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