Changes to Support Items (Removing Bandit for 8.6)

Hey all, We’ve got changes today that remove the Bandit mechanic (both the gold on minion death and gold on attack) from the support item chains. We’re simplifying the support items, pushing more gold into the skill expressive minigames, and hopefully reducing poaching of the items. These changes are currently targeting 8.6, but we wanted to get extra time for player visibility and feedback. Before we get to the actual changes, a small note. This is a shift from our normal values for the item system. Generally, we want items to invite exploration, and we seek to create building blocks that allow champions to find inventive, flexible builds that can express different power for different players or in different contexts. We should be delighted when players find new ways to gain power from the item system. However, the support items have a lot of work to do that is important to the structure of the game. When these items can be poached, it weakens our ability to improve the support position, and reduces our ability to ensure that farming champions have beneficial amounts of risk and reward to their play. The support items have had a lot of smaller changes attempt to build controls, but they’ve frequently been ineffective and painful to adjust to over and over. These new changes attempt to go a bit harder, and build stronger protections against farming champions gaining significant benefit. Changelist: Targon’s Brace & Upgrades GP10 = 4 up from 2 Frostfang & Upgrades Gold per tribute = 20 up from 15 Nomad’s Medallion Gold per gold coin = 45, up from 40 Expected coin drop down, to 8.5 per 10 minutes from 9 (still to do) All lines: Charge generation, charge usage,and GP10 deactivate after killing minions or monsters. These penalties are increase dramatically for streaks of CS. (still to do, exploring different ramping models) Goals: Attempting to equalized the average incomes of the lines, which had previously been rather divergent, and very safe for most patterns. We’re pushing more gold into risky/skill expressive actions, so that supports that play their income interactions well will see more significant income leads and therefore faster question completion and first item spikes. Targon’s wasn’t lacking in risk so we’ve instead opted to give it a bit more baseline, which should also help with the dramatic income fall off the item line experiences in mid and late game. Questions for testing: 1. Is everything working? 2. Are any of the lock outs harder to feel or understand and leading to confusion? 3. Any bugs?
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