Nunu's eye color inconsistency

First of all I would like to praise the Riot dev team responsible for the new Nunu & Willump designs, they are beyond what I ever imaged, its amazing. But there are some issues that we need to address before the champions eventual release on the live servers. Few people on the regular boards have suggested to relay this request on the PBE boards, since this would be the most likely place things like these would be noticed and acknowledged before release. Nunu's eye colors in his classic appearance show of as brown/chestnut color in the splash art. Where as the model rendition and emotes show him with noticeable bright blue eyes. But this issue doesnt just appear only with Classic Nunu, its also with Grungy Nunu. Grungy Nunu has brown eyes in splash art. while the model has blue. It would be great if Riot addressed this issue and changed ether the splash art eye colors or the eye colors on the models and emotes.
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