14 day for non flame amazing...

Well.nice balance btw...i got suspended for one flame? and when i see text i didnt insult anyone? 14days? whoa and i rep like 100 of them for way vorst flame and they didnt get ban i love ur balance to this game considering there is aloot worst player then me and im one who is punished....well play anyway but okey i dont need to play game if you ill ban be for such thing...instead others who are 100x time vorst then me,,,i try to understude logic but i cant there are some ppl who flame aloot but i did once report cuz my team did feed and even so is pbe that doesnt give them reason to feed? thats first ban i ever had and this is not fer...but okey....i dont need to play game where others are not baned and i em...but when is over ill report anyone who talk to me and ill mute everone..!!!
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