PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Eclipse Leona!

#This thread is now closed. As always, thanks for dropping us feedback! At this time, we're finishing up any last polish and bugs for these skins! https://imgur.com/swxKQBr https://imgur.com/TcNLr74 _Hearken we beseech thee, O Savage Moon, and deign to bless with the vermillion shadow of thy celestial majesty. May this shield guard against the scourge of dark enchantments, which choke our land. May this blade be the hammer against the servants of witchery and evil. I, Leona, do take this oath forevermore._ **Eclipsing Effects** * **New tech:** Lunar Eclipse Leona’s model and ambient VFX evolve upon using her ultimate and revert back upon death. * **New model and textures:** Her sword, shield, and Eclipse Knight armor are all new and evolve upon using her ultimate. * **New VFX:** The Lunar Eclipse empowers her abilities with extra power emanating from her body upon using her ultimate. * **New SFX and VO lines:** Powerful audio fit for a legendary knight with several unique VO lines compared to Solar Eclipse Leona. * **New animations:** Every animation has been changed with a unique Recall animation. **Lunar Eclipse Leona** is now available on PBE! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! All bug reports and thoughts help us make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! Thanks, cuties! <3
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