Irelia's VGU skins feel rushed/low priority. What do you think?

Before you decide to send out hate this way please hear me out, I **LOVED** the overall VGU, but I really think that the quality is lost translating Irelia into her skin iterations. What makes this really stand out isn't per-se the models, or proportions, or even the overall design of the skins with 2 explicit exceptions. - Weaponry/decorum - Hair Now before you witchhunt me on the hair part please do let me explain that I'm aware that they were aiming to go for an anime'esque hair but in-game the motion of it translates to cardboard, pre-rework irelia tier cardboard to be blunt. Even that shouldn't be the end of the world to me, but still is something that really does catch your attention in a negative way. What **really** turns my excitement to Irelia's VGU to confusion is how her weapons are dealt within the skins. Most of the skins make her weapons look very toy'ish and plastic/tacky. I don't think this is intended but if you take an example: - Frostblade Irelia. the weaponry should've giving you a glacial/ice vibe yet all it reads is toys'r us The options are there as is clearly shown in Irelia's frostblade hair, with the whole icicle texture effect, why did this not get applied in the weaponry itself? The same critique applies to infiltrator/Order of the lotus/Aviator The only skin I think that could let this slide is nightblade/classic but that has to do with the fact that the weaponry actually look like legit weaponry so are way easier passable than let's say order of the lotus/frostblade What do you think personally? EDIT: Since there has been some final design concept/realization art out I will be putting these side by side to see the difference where it went wrong and this have been rushed off. - Aviator Irelia
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